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Frittura di calamari


One of the outstanding features at Hotel Nascente is its food. Here you will find carefully selected dishes, high quality products and every day there's a wide variety of different food.

Sfogliatella and cappuccino

You start the day with an abundant breakfast of cakes, tarts, croissants, biscuits, doughnuts and many other handmade pastry products, fruit juices, yogurt and jams, so that your awakening in vacation is even sweeter and more pleasurable. Those who prefer a savoury breakfast can also find cured meats, cheese, fresh bread and eggs on request.

Our outdoor restaurant offers amazing seafood, meat and pizza menus that will be served daily to cater to the tastes of all customers.

  • You can choose between local and national wines both bottled and on tap

  • Coke, fanta, sprite and tea will always be present, to please even the little ones.

Alternatively, for lunch by reservation we provide fantastic salad take away based on meat, fish, vegetables etc.

Fish paella

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